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Hello again friends. Now that the holidays are over, Spanish classes (for me) are over and the new year has begun, I’ll attempt to get into a more consistent schedule with my postings. Time is flying by and passing ever so slowly all at the same time.

Being in Washington D.C during this election/inauguration season has been a very interesting experience. I feel very blessed for the chance to experience it in a very different perspective than ever before. I was lucky enough to be able to attend the 2017 Inauguration and Inaugural Freedom/Liberty Balls. It has been a crazy week in D.C!


As for our upcoming tour, not much has changed. J still has Spanish class until the end of March, with Consular training to follow. We have received (finally) and submitted our housing survey. It was very, very brief and left much to the imagination as to how housing will actually be in Venezuela. We are able to answer a few short questions about our housing priorities, as in proximity, internet connectivity, and allowance of pets. As for right now, J is focusing hard on his classes and we are still in transition mode. Prepping the best we can for the next several months. We will start the diplomatic passport and visa process here in the next week or so. Hopefully that will get the ball rolling a little quicker on this process and all happen in timely manner!

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