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Flag day is here! 

This past Friday was our flag day ceremony. Which is the huge ceremony towards the end of A-100 training where everyone finds out where they are being sent on their first assignment. The closer it got and the more I thought about it, I was beginning to get just a little bit nervous… excited and nervous. But at the end of the day, whatever is suppose to happen will – we are here to fufill the needs of the service, wherever that may be.

There are approximately 80 people in J’s class so, with a lot of their friends and family in attendance, the crowd at the ceremony was estimated to be around 500 people. It was standing room only by the time things were about to start. 

The ceremony starts with a short introduction and welcome, and then dives right in. They show a flag on the large projector screen, call out the city and country and then announce the name of the lucky person assigned to that post. As soon as the first name was called and the entire room burst into applause I was immediately overwhelmed with emotion. I was completely caught off guard by it. The majority of people in the class I have only briefly met, but when you see their reaction, and the reaction of the rest of the class, those that know them and know the post just called was something they wanted so much, it’s hard to not be emotional. The entire room was supercharged with energy. It honestly was such a neat, cool, overwhelming experience. So much excitement and so many lives are being changed in that moment. It was amazing.

About halfway through the ceremony, they call out Caracas, Venezuela. If we got to choose, it would be our #1 pick. It had absolutely everything we wanted in a first tour. Then I hear J being called!! It all happens so quick and it’s exhilarating and then it’s on to the next one, I had to pause and think… did that really just happen? So I’m super excited to have this guy hanging out on my desk now!

The rest of the ceremony flew by and before you knew it all the flags had been handed out, and everyone was celebrating!

We are very blessed, honored, and humbled to be going to Venezuela. We will (hopefully both) start language training this month, complete some other training, and head to Caracas sometime around next June. Time for a new countdown!

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