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Oh UAB, I miss you so. 

Our Unaccompanied Air Baggage (our personal items) are still not here. I guess this is something I definitely need to get used to. Expect the unexpected in the Foreign Service, anything can change, time lines included. Also lesson learned on what to take with me, what to ship ahead, and what I need to make me feel comfortable and at home. Living out of suitcases for a week in a hotel prior to moving, 3 days on the way here, 3 days once we got here, then in our apartment for almost two weeks now has been challenging. You can only fit so much! 

    I want to cook so many things, but I don’t have the right utensils, but there’s no point in buying a new one when I have one in my UAB. Same with clothes, shoes, and toiletries. Somethings I caved on, like towels for example. While I’m grateful two were provided in our furnished apartment, two towels, two people, two weeks. Not gonna work. 

    Luckily while we oh so patiently wait on our personal items, we have some very important things to distract us. Our bid list! The most important, exciting and intimidating list of potential places we could go once training is finished. While I can’t give specifics as to where is on it, I can say we are very happy with our options. We have found plenty of places that fit all of our needs, and even the ones we ranked in our medium and low catagories would still be okay for us to go to. As long as the cats can go, we will be fine. 

    We have a meeting with our CDO (career development officer) tomorrow to discuss our preferences, our needs and our priorities. For us, we aren’t too complicated. J wants a language tour, something that will get him on a career fast track, and somewhere the poor cats wouldn’t be stuck in quarantine for months. So hoping all those needs are met, we are up for anything. 

I’ll post again (hopefully incredibly soon) when our UAB arrives, and the countdown until we find out where we are headed next (Flag day) is on the side of the site. Until then here are some pictures of our recent adventures around our new city. 

Piper enjoying her new view.
Beautiful Metro station.
Both cats, getting along, had to capture it.
J and I took an evening walk and had the best scenery.

2 thoughts on “Oh UAB, I miss you so. 

    1. Thank you so much!! I just have so many emotions about it! I appreciate your comment, your blog was my go to when researching fs life. So this really feels full circle in a way!


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