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We made it!

After 3 days and 18 hours of driving, we finally made it. Packing up and driving with two cats was way easier than I had anticipated. It has its obstacles, but overall the cats did great. We got to move in to our new furnished apartment yesterday afternoon. It was awesome, exciting, yet weird and unfamiliar all at the same time. The apartment itself is great. Good size, huge balcony and all in the heart of Ballston. So location is perfect! We’ve already walked and explored the neighborhood a bit. It’s clear we will never run out of things to do.

Meredith making herself at home.

View from our balcony.
Our new temporary home.

The major downside so far is our stuff isn’t here yet. While 3 weeks is approximated for delivery, and I didn’t anticipate it being here waiting for me… I didn’t realize how much that stuff really would help it feel like home. Right now it feels like just another hotel. I need my paintings, our wedding pictures we have framed, my millions of blankets and all my kitchen things! Then it’ll feel a little better. Until then we’re still living out of suitcases.

J started his first day of A100 today. He was up at 5am getting his suit ready and making sure he didn’t miss his shuttle. I almost got a little emotional thinking about it. After all this time, all this wait, and process, all the testing and interviews to get him to this very important day. It’s finally here and I couldn’t be more proud of him. Today is swearing in and everything gets official. There will be a later swearing in service that friends and family can attend but today is the real deal.

We have the first of many happy hours today after class. Spouses are invited to this one, most likely so we can all get aquatinted. I’m excited and nervous. Almost feels like the first day of school for both of us. Spouse orientation class is later this week. It should give me more information of what to expect in the foreign service as a spouse, and how to support my husband along the way.

I’ll post again soon as we should be getting our bid list this week. The bid list is a list of available jobs that we could be going to fill. We get to rank the list as low, medium, or high and ultimately we get one selected for us based on the best interest of the state department and hopefully the best fit for us as well!

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